Maras in GURPS

Dolichotis sp.

Maras, also known as Patagonian cavies or Patagonian hares, are superficially hare-like rodents native to the plains, steppe, scrub deserts, shrubland, and forests of Argentina. They have long legs and large ears. The hind legs have large claws for traction when running.

Maras are monogamous, a situation dependent on and enforced by the males who follow their chosen mates wherever they go. Mara pairs usually avoid contact with other pairs. Coomunal dens are dug in the whelping season, and the young of many females are sheltered there. When it comes time to suckle her young a female will approach the den and make a shrill call, which signals the young to emerge. The female then will allow her own young to suckle while driving off the others (sometimes unsuccessfully). The male chases off other pairs that approach, so that each pair must wait its turn.

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