Zox Hierate Worlds
The connection map of worlds in the Zox Hierate. Major worlds are shown with a mustard color; minor worlds, small colonies, research bases, and mostly uninhabited connector stops as light yellow. Broken wormholes are shown as dashed lines. Worlds lost during the Bump in the Night are too numerous to show here.

Notes on the Worlds of the Zox

The worlds of the Zox Hierate are little known to outsiders. The nation is largely closed off to visitors. Only Rhuzzit is well known to the Republic. Other worlds only allow EGComCo technicians to enter on their territory, and even then it is only to install or maintain cross-wormhole communications equipment.

The descriptions given here contain the best information available to the Republic Intelligence Agency, based on interviews with EGComCo techs, defectors, and intercepted communications. Even the names of most minor worlds are not known.

Catalogue of Worlds of the Zox Hierate


The world of Capital contains the imperial palace and a sprawling complex surrounding it housing the numerous officials and bureaucrats necessary to run an empire. It is a world with one large moon in orbit around a yellow-white star.


A world used mainly for mining siderphile elements. The mines use primarily forced labor, and the mortality rate is extreme. The world's climate is baking hot, the atmosphere is dense enough and CO2 rich enough to cause narcosis and carbon dioxide toxicity. The mines are primarily located in desert regions – whether nor not the entire world is unusually arid is unknown.

Clickit Zurr

A lightly settled agricultural world. It is thought to be the most impoverished of the major Zox worlds.

Chipchip Zum

A warm world with a dense atmosphere, dedicated primarily to agricultural production.

Colony Alpha

A new world is thought to have been added to the Zox network sometime in the last gigasecond (30 years), and a number of Mants have immigrated to this new world, either willingly or forcibly. Little else is known about this planet.


A recent colony world, it is thought that Outside is the moon of a super-Earth type planet on the very edge of the galaxy.


Tikikikzurh is a world rich in useful minerals and chalcophile elements, whose primary industry is mining and extraction. The world is rugged and has a high carbon dioxide content.


A heavily developed industrial world. It hosts a major Imperial Army base. The planet is known to have rings.

Thack Tik Zz

Thack Tik Zz is a rich agricultural world, and a source of much of the Zox's phosphorous. It is one member of a double planet, the other of which is close to being a super-Earth.

Voray Zum

Voray Zum appears to be a primarily agricultural world. Poor management leads to occasional famines. It is the moon of a gas giant planet, illuminated by a white sun.


Vzekek is heavily industrialized, producing most of the heavy machinery of the Hierate. Much of the world is thought to be an environmental disaster.


A lightly settled world with an uncomfortably high gravity, warm climate, thick atmosphere, and high carbon dioxide levels. It produces dense luxury woods that are valued not only in the Hierate, but fetch high prices in the Republic and Gummi Space as well. It is apparently also the source of a popular intoxicant among Mants.

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