Nearly all vehicles of the Verge are computerized, capable of self-driving or piloting, and equipped with a suite of sensors for navigating in reduced visibility. Sensor and diagnostic output will be displayed on the windows, which double as holographic displays, and provide the bonus of a HUD (alternate forms of HUDs, such as sensor glasses or optic displays, can be used instead at the operator's discretion).

Wheeled vehicles are the most frequently encountered kind of vehicle in the Verge Republic. These replace the pneumatic tires used by modern cars and trucks with tires supported by internal elastic struts. These tires cannot go flat, although they can wear out.

Aircraft in the Verge Republic are common, particularly VTOL rotorcraft. Rotorcraft of the Verge use whisper technology that allow flight with much less noise than modern-day helicopters and airplanes.

In Gummi Space, repulsorlift vehicles are the most commonly encountered. These float above the ground on a repulsor cushion. Repulsorlift hover vehicles are becoming more popular in Human space as Gummi corporations have begun to design for Human users, and as work is being done to merge Human and Antecessor derived technologies.

Gummi Space aircraft commonly also rely on repulsor principles, but they act on the air instead of the ground. This allows the vehicle to fly using an affector geometry that acts like a combination of wing and propeller. The variable geometry wing gives considerable freedom in aerodynamic movement.

Within the Zox Hierate, vehicles also use Antecessor technology, and as such are broadly similar to those used in Gummi Space.

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