Gear: Surveillance

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

  • Bug Jammer: Emits broad spectrum radio noise to drown out nearby radio transmissions. The difficuty for the task of receiving a signal in the presence of a jammer is (detector's Sensitivity + source's Signal - range score to source) ⊖ (detector's Sensitivity + jammer's Signal - range score to jammer). If you know the frequency of the signal you want to jam, you can get a +4 to the jammer's signal score.

    Signal: +10
    Mass: 0.5 kg
    Price: $10

  • Bug Sweeper: Sweeps for radio transmissions, such as those emitted by an active bug. Broad spectrum pickup means it can sweep for all transmissions, but at relatively low sensitivity ... you need to get close.

    Sensitivity: +6
    Mass: 0.3 kg
    Price: $15

  • ECM Suite: A high-power, high sensitivity combination of a bug sweeper and bug jammer. It analyzes radio and radar emissions and can emit jammer signals to interfere with communication and radar sensing. It can also act as a cellular station for direct communication and relay communication.

    Signal: +24
    Sensitivity: +24
    Mass: 10 kg
    Price: $5 k

  • Radio Bug: A small radio transmitter, smaller than a pencil erasor, with a fine wire antenna several centimeters long. It can transmit input from a basic camera or microphone (see Gear: Sensors), or be used as a tracer or homing beacon. The bug can be attached to any surface with a pad of reversible gecko adhesive, or hidden using more sophisticated means. It uses spread-spectrum frequency agile burst transmissions to minimize interception and interference, and uses encryption to mask what is broadcast. The signal cannot be detected or jammed with more primitive equipment, but contemporary jammers and sweepers can find it.

    Signal: +10
    Mass: 0.3 g
    Price: $5

  • Wire Tap: Intercepts signals on communications lines.

    Mass: 5 g + mass of wire to divert signal from tapped point to pickup
    Price: $2

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