Gear: Gun Accessories

Gun Accessories

  • Accurized: A gun can be tricked out to improve its Spread score.

    Price: $10 per kg of mass of +1 to Spread score, $30 per kg for +2 to Spread.

  • Bipod: Firing from a bipod counts as braced, and reduces the RCL score by 4.

    Mass: 0.3 kg
    Price: $7

  • Biometric Lock: A scanner in the gun's grip reads the biometric signature of those who hold it, and will only fire for authorized users.

    Price: $8

  • Holster: Holds a pistol securely. Different models are available to carry a pistol on the belt, tucked into the pants, under the armpit, at the ankle, or other locations. A holster will only fit pistols of a given Bulk score.

    Mass: 0.1 kg
    Price: $3

  • IFF Transponder: A weapon with an IFF transponder will not allow itself to be fired when pointing at another transponder that it recognizes as friendly.

    Price: $10

  • Laser Sight: A laser sight projects a laser dot along the direction the barrel is pointing. This is approximately where the bullet will hit, neglecting parallax, bullet drop, and windage. A laser sight gives a +1 to Shoot skill tests for hitting a target, not cumulative with a smartlink. The dot may also alert the target that he is in the crosshairs.

    Mass: 10 g
    Price: $4

  • Scope: Scopes of the Verge use flat-screen optical phased arrays to capture their image and holograpic displays to show the image. They look like flat disks or rectangles mounted on the top of the weapon.

    Scopes have an Aim rating. A gun with a scope will have its Aim increased to the scope's rating. If the Aim rating is more than 2 (for pistols) or 5 (for longarms), the gun can only be used with Careful Aim. For every additional +2 of the Aim over this limit, the gun must be braced and you will need to spend an additional action to find the target within the increasingly narrow field of view you get from the high magnification. Scopes can be variable powered, able to change their rating between three adjacent scores (for example, +5, +6, and +7) with an action.

    Mass: Value of [maximum Aim rating - 11] kg
    Price: $40 × mass

  • Smartlink: A smartlink allows a weapon to access a HUD, displaying the status of the weapon (shots remaining, heat load, maintenace required, etc.) and, more importantly, projecting the predicted balistic trajectory of the shot onto the gunner's field of vision. This gives a +1 to all Shoot skill tests for hitting a target, not cumulative with a laser sight, and allows the gunner to ignore range penalties due to Speed (the target still gets its usual bonus to defend, however). In the Verge, all commercially produced guns are smartlinked as a matter of course.

  • Sound Suppressor: A "silencer" muffles the sound of a gunshot from a mountain gun, railgun, or gunpowder weapons. It does not actually make a gun quiet, but it reduces the need for hearing protection, and can make the shot less noticable. A suppressor subtracts 5 from the signature of a gunshot, but adds 1 to the Bulk score of a weapon.

    Mass: Value of [ Signature - 28] kg
    Price: $50 × mass

  • Stabilized: A stabilized weapon has servo-motors that slightly adjust the direction of the barrel to counteract shaking, giving +1 to Aim. This extra +1 increases the normal aiming limits for scopes.

    Lasers are automatically stabilized. The effects of stabilization are already accounted for in their stats, and they cannot be further stabilized.

    Price: $25 × gun's mass

  • Support Arm: An actuated robot arm that straps to a user's torso. It supports a gun with its own Strength score of +4. The gun user can maneuver and point the gun as normal, with the arm detecting the user's motions and amplifying them. Use the arms's Strength ⊕ the user's Strength to find the effect of the gun's RCL and Str scores. However, the arm does tend to get in the way – treat the gun's Bulk as 5 if it is not already higher.

    Mass: 4 kg
    Price: $200

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