Gear: Hand Grenades

Hand grenades are simple ovoids designed to be thrown by Humans, dropped by Tweechi, or spat by Gummis. They usually detonate on impact after they are armed, although some detonate after a short time delay (for these models, the grenade goes off on the same Action Point count on which it was thrown, but on the next combat round).

Hand Grenades

Microfrag: Fragments6+4½+0180.5$2
          Blast-2 RS(7)+0+2[-7½]
Explosive: Blast+2 RS(7)+1+4[-7½]+260.5+$10
FlareBase radius 250 m for 700 s (12 m), signature +34.0.5+$3.5
TanglerBrawn +5, Size +2½ grapple0.5+$5
Gas6 m radius cloud0.5+$2.5

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