Lawnmower Robot


ST 19      DX 8      HT 12     

Computer Complexity 6
Basic Lift 36.1 kg      HP 19     

Bulk 14      Weight 150 kg      SM 0

Basic Speed 5     
Basic Move 5
Land Move: 5 (6 sprint)

Mower2d cut1
Weed Whacker(1d+1)/3 cut (0.5)1
Trowel1d+2{5} cut0


Advantages: Blunt Claws; Doesn't Breathe; Hyperspectral Vision; Innate Attack 2 (cutting (2d lawnmower); Melee Attack Reach 1); Innate Attack 0.4 (cutting (1d/2 weed whacker); Melee Attack Reach 1); Machine Meta-Trait; Pressure Support 1; Striker (trowel; cutting); Telecommunication (Radio; Video); Telecommunication (Infrared; Video)

Disadvantages: Electrical; Maintenance (1 person, monthly); No Legs (Wheeled); No Sense of Taste/Smell; One Arm; Restricted Diet (Electricity); Social Stigma (Valuable Property); Weak Bite (No Bite)

Description: This is a sophisticated lawn mower, capable of not only trimming the grass, but using a built-in weed eater and plucking dandelions or other weeds. A cheaper and less sophisticated lawn mowing robot would be essentially the same as the floor cleaning robot, but with a mover instead of a vacuum.

A typical AI for this robot is an IQ 7, Per 10, Will 10 class 1 program.

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