Floor Cleaning Robot


ST 3      DX 8      HT 12     

Computer Complexity 2
Basic Lift 0.9 kg      HP 3     

Bulk 3      Weight 2 kg      SM -3

Basic Speed 5     
Basic Move 2
Land Move: 2



Advantages: Doesn't Breathe; Machine Meta-Trait; Pressure Support 1; Scanning Sense (Radar; Reduced range 1/1000 (2 m)); Telecommunication (Radio; Video); Telecommunication (Infrared; Video); Perk (Accessories; vacuum cleaner, mop, floor buffer, floor polisher)

Disadvantages: Blindness; Cannot Speak; Deafness; Electrical; No Fine Manipulators; No Legs (Wheeled); No Sense of Taste/Smell; Restricted Diet (Electricity); Social Stigma (Valuable Property); Weak Bite (No Bite)

Description: This small robot roams about the floor, either vacuuming, washing, buffing, or polishing. It is singularly useless at combat, at most it can bump someone at low speeds. Its senses are very limited, it can tell if it bumps into something and it has a very short range radar that tells it the general shape of things within 2 meters.

It does not need more than an IQ 1 Class 0 AI. The default AI can make a mental map of the area, so it knows what has been cleaned recently and the locations of the recharging stations and the wastebaskets (for emptying its vacuum cleaner filters).

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