A larger view of the same picture.

A study of the light and shadows you would see on the nighttime portions of the ring.

Technical Notes
This scene is a composite of two renders, one for the land, houses, trees, clouds, mountains, and so on, and one of the ringworld at the same camera setting. An extremely wide field of view was necessary to include the effect of the ring stretching up into the sky, as is apparent by the distorted sense of vertical. If you were actually on a ringworld, you would see the ring going straight up. it only looks tilted here because of lens distortion.

The funky trees are from Onyx Tree Pro. The crops are probably from Plant Studio, but I do not remember anymore. The house, garage, well, wheelbarrow, and woodpile are all made from Bryce primitives; a lot of the detail has been lost with a render this far away.

One of the annoying things about rendering the ringworld is that the light always comes from directly overhead, dramatic lighting angles are not an option.

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