I always got tired of science fiction images showing laser weapons looking like modern guns with a few extra fins, rings, and frills. Why would a laser have a barrel? You'd probably put the "guts" of the laser in a protected place (under the armor near the center of the vehicle, say) and just direct the laser beam with a telescope housed in a turret. So, I just thought I'd make an image of an armored fighting vehicle armed with a high powered laser, just to show a more realistic view.

To give credit where credit is due, the grasses are from Nigel Pickering's files for Plant Studio. The laser crawler was made from Bryce primitives.

Other views

WARNING: do not stare into laser with remaining eye
This is what it looks like when the business end is pointed at you.

It's not easy seeing green. This is the last view of those unfortunates who see the business end pointed at them when the laser turns on.

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