Salt Water Crocodiles in GURPS

Crocodylus porosus

In the second world war, about 1000 Japanese soldiers were trapped overnight in a Burmese mangrove swamp by a Brittish blockade. Through the night, the brittish heard the screams of the soldiers and the sounds of thrashing and feeding. By morning, only 20 of those soliders had survived. The rest were eaten by salt water crocodiles.

Salt water crocodiles, or "salties" to Australlians, are the largest living reptile. These monsters have a high tolerance for salinity, and are often found in brackish water, tidal estuaries, mangrove swamps, and even swimming out at sea. They prefer slow moving fresh water, however, such as meandering rivers, billabongs, and swamps. The largest, strongest crocs set up their territories in these places, and drive the juveniles out to brackish areas. Salties can be found from India's eastern shores through Indochina, south through Indonesia, and in northern Australia.

Salt water crocodiles are natural man eaters. Many people are killed by salties every year. The hide of the salt water crocodile is the most valued of any of the crocodilians for its leather. Salties are farmed for their skin and meat throughout their range.

Salt water crocodiles can reach Immense size. The vast majority will be smaller, however. Males rarely exceed Giant size, and females are typically Medium size or smaller.

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