Nile Crocodiles in GURPS

Crocodylus niloticus

Nile crocodiles are one of the world's largest and most dangerous crocodilians - in fact, one of the world's largest and most dangerous animals, period. They inhabit nearly all of Africa where there is water. One dwarfed population has even been found living in caves in the middle of the Sahara desert. They can tolerate saltwater and will live in both fresh and brackish areas. They have swum across the ocean to Madagascar on at least one occasion, for they have a fluorishing population there. Nile crocodiles lair in dens they have dug in dry weather, and will dig pits for their nests.

Nile crocodiles eat mostly fish. This is due to opportunity, not preference, as they will happily dine on anything foolish enough to get close to the water's edge, including lions, young hippos, buffalo, zeebra, and antelope of all sorts. People are definitely on the menu; they cause hundreds of human fatalities each year.

The hide of this species makes an excellent leather. This, coupled with the danger this crocodile represents, has led to widespread human persecution. Although nowhere near endangered, its population has been serverely reduced in some areas. To meet demand for Nile crocodile skin, many crocodile farms have been established. This surely must be an exciting job - one slip and you end up getting torn limb from limb!

The size of the Nile crocodile varies by region, but in some areas Giant crocodiles are not uncommon and occasional Immense bull crocs are found.

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