Mugger Crocodiles in GURPS

Crocodylus palustris

When brittish soldiers in India were attacked by native thugs, the soldiers would be bashed over the head, stripped of clothing and belongings, tied up, and thrown into the swamps to be devoured by the local magars or water monsters. This word was corrupted to give the native crocodiles their name, mugger, and added a new word, mugging, to the english language.

Muggers live in slow moving, shallow fresh water environments anywhere in India. They have been known to cross considerable stretches of dry land looking for better accomodations. Muggers dig burrows for shelter. They have a notably broad snout, giving them a similar appearance to the American Alligator.

Muggers can reach Giant size, but as with other crocodilians, most never attain the maximum bulk attained by the biggest of their type.

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