Gharials in GURPS

Gavialis gangeticus

Gharials are unusual crocodilians native to the Indian subcontinent. Their most prominant feature is a long, needle-slender snout which aquires a bulbous swelling at the tip at maturity. This snout is an adaptation for a predominantly fish diet - the slender snout can be easily whipped through the water to snatch agile prey. Gharials are native to the Indian subcontinent, where they inhabit deep, fast moving rivers. They are poorly suited to movement on land, but are powerful swimmers.

Gharials are not known to attack human beings. Jewelry recovered from their crop is most likely swallowed for balast, in much the same way that all crocodilians swallow rocks. Gharials are currently critically endangered.

Male gharials commonly reach Giant size, and Immense size individuals have been reported.

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