Cuban Crocodiles in GURPS

Crocodylus rhombifer

The Cuban crocodile is an inhabitant of the rivers and swamps of Cuba. In historical times, it lived on Bahama and Cayman island. These crocodiles are more terrestrial than most, with strong hind legs, an efficient "high walk" for traversing ground, powerful leaping abilities, and reasonable climbing skills. They are faster on land than most other crocodiles, and will gallop towards potential prey. They are said to attack in packs, and are considered the most dangerous of any crocodilian species in captivity. They will often take prey by jumping from the water to snag it from overhanging limbs.

Cuban crocs are now nearly extinct in the wild, and survive in only one swamp in a Cuban nature reserve. They are, however, well represented in captivity, both in zoos and in crocodile farms.

On rare occasions, Cuban crocodiles can reach Giant size. In practice, however, they almost never exceed Large size.

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