Chinese Alligators in GURPS

Alligator sinensis

Chinese alligators are small crocodilians found in slow moving rivers, streams, ponds, pools, and swamps. They dig tunnels in which to wait out cold weather. Much of the year is spent hibernating in these burrows. They occur naturally in the Yangtze river basin, but have been largely exterminated today. In modern times, this little alligator can only be found in a few small nature preserves and in captivity.

Chinese alligators are a nuisance to farmers when they invade rice paddies. Their burrows make it difficult to control drainage. Further, they eat the farmer's ducks and other small livestock. As a result, they are usually killed when found. These alligators are too small to be a direct threat to humans.

Chinese Alligators can get up to Moderate size, but Tiny or Small size is more typical. They may have reached Medium size in the past.

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