American Crocodiles in GURPS

Crocodylus acutus

The American crocodile is a large species found in central America, the northern tip of South America, the Carribiean, and parts of Florida. It is tolerant of saltwater, and occupies brackish waters to reduce competition with other species. The American crocodile will dig long burrows as a refuge, and lays its eggs in pits in the ground.

The large size of this species makes it a potential danger to people and livestock, although its usual diet is fish, turtles, crabs, and waterfowl. Its skin makes a high quality leather, so human persecution can be intense.

American crocodiles can get up to Giant size although, as usual, smaller specimens are more common. Unconfirmed reports suggest these crocs may become Immense on rare occasions. The slender snout of the American crocodile is not as strong as that of its more robust-jawed relatives, so its Jaw ST and bite damage is decreased.

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