Gorillas in GURPS

Gorilla gorilla

Gorillas are the largest of the apes. They have black skin, black hair, a stocky body, robust limbs, large nostrils, a short muzzle, and small eyes. Mature males develop silver hair on their backs. Gorillas live deep in tropical rain forests, those from lowland jungle are distinctive from the mointain forest populations. While capable climbers, gorillas spend most of their time on the ground. They are active in daylight, at night they build simple platforms of sticks in trees for sleeping. Wild gorillas eat almost exclusively plant material, ignoring even easily available items such as birds nests, insects, and honey. Captives will eat meat, however.

Gorillas live in tightly knit social groups, consisting of a few males, several females, and any immature offspring. upon reaching maturity, males may stay with their group or wander off in search of new opportunities, females almost always seek out other groups. When two groups meet, they may fight, ignore each other, or band together for a short time.

Compared to most other apes, gorillas are usually placid and calm. When enraged, however, they can be terrifying. An assertive gorilla will pound its chest, and then run about breaking tree limbs while roaring and growling. To communicate amongst themselves, gorillas grunt and bark.

Gorillas have only one innate skill: climbing. Every other skill needs to be learned, much as with humans. Typical skills of wild gorillas are listed on their template.

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