Chimpanzees in GURPS

Pan troglodytes

Chimps typically have pinkish-brown skin, possibly with darker areas around the eyes, cheeks, or nose. They are covered with wiry black hair except for the face, feet, and hands. Their round ears are prominant. Chimpanzees live both in savanna and jungle. They are active during daylight and spend much of their time in the trees. They usually travel on the ground, however. At night, chimps construct a nest of branches and leaves up in a tree for sleeping.

Male chimpanzees bond strongly with each other; the primary social group of the females is their immediate family. All the chimps in one area know each other and are generally friendly; frequently traveling and foraging together. Chimps may war with clans from neighboring territories, or they may live in peace with their neighbors.

Chimps have broad diets, eating leaves, shoots, fruit, nuts, insects, honey, eggs, and meat. They will occasionally hunt baboons or other monkeys, often several chimps will cooperate in chasing and killing prey. There are a few reports of chimpanzees carrying off human infants.

Most chimpanzee behavior is learned. Their only innate skill is climbing, although typical skills of wild adults are listed on their template.

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