Bonobos in GURPS

Pan paniscus

Bonobos, also called pygmy chimpanzees, are very similar to their larger cousins. They have dark skin and dark hair covering most of their bodies except the hands, feet, muzzle, and around the eyes. They live deep in the jungles of the Congo. Bonobos are active durring daylight, foraging both on the ground and in trees, and sleeping in trees at night.

Bonobos travel in small groups of 3 to 10. Where food is plentiful, they may gather together in larger numbers. Males typically stay in the group they were born into, females leave to seek new groups. Group bonds are reinforced sexually, including intercourse between same-sex members.

The diet of bonobos consists largely of fruit, but they also eat nuts, shoots, stems, leaves, roots, mushrooms, insects, and worms. Rarely, they will catch and eat small vertebrates such as rodents.

Most bonobo behavior is learned. Their only innate skill is climbing, although typical skills of wild adults are listed on their template.

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