Paranthropus in GURPS

Paranthropus sp.

Paranthropus was an early genus of humans from savannas and open woodlands in east Africa. They appeared in the late Pliocene and lasted until the middle Pleistocene. The members of this genus would have stood fully upright and walked much like a modern human. They may or may not have made simple tools, they probably used tools found in the environment, and they almost certainly did not use fire. Paranthropus are known to have eaten grass and sedges for the bulk of their diet, possibly the seeds, leaves, shoots, or roots, and perhaps supplemented with nuts, fruit, or small animals. To process this tough food, they had massive, powerful jaws and broad grinding teeth. They likely lived in small bands of gatherers which evidence suggests were patrilocal, with the males staying in their native group and females migrating to new groups when sexually mature.

There are three known species of Paranthropus, P. aethiopicus, P. boisei, and P. robustus. Not enough is known about their differences to suggest that they need different templates in game terms.

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