Humans in GURPS

Homo sp.

Humans are bipedal apes with bare skin. Unlike other apes, they have lost many of their adaptations for climbing in trees. They have large butt muscles that provide excellent endurance for walking and running, and specialized wrist bones that allow their wrists to snap forward at the end of a power stroke allowing efficient chipping of stone tools and powerful casts of thrown weapons. Only one species is still extant. Several humans are described below - note that the taxonomy and interpretation of extinct humans is subject to intense controversy and constant change, this is one interpretation simplified for game terms.

The eyebrows, eyes with prominant whites, and exposed colored lips of modern humans are likely social signalling adaptations. Likewise, the mammary glands of female modern humans are larger than is strictly neccessary for their nursing function and likely evolved their size as a sexual signalling device. In a similar fashion, the penis of male modern humans is larger in both relative and absolute terms than that of any other primate, including gorillas, which likely indicates it has evolved its current size as a method of social signalling or mate selection. Whether some, all, or none of these adaptations were present in other humans is unknown at this time. Their absence could be used for modern humans to recognize their own species. What flags other humans would then use to recognize their own kind would then be an interesting question.

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