Guenons in GURPS

Cercopithecus sp.

Guenons are forest and jungle dwellers from sub-Saharan Africa, with the highest diversity in west-central Africa. They spend most of their time in the trees. They are often boldly marked with white, black, and red fur. Diet varies by species, but usually includes some combination of fruit, seeds, leaves, and invertebrates.

They typical group structure is matrilocal, with one adult male per group. Females are generally amicable, without a strong hierarchy, but competition between males for mating rights with a female group can be fierce. Each group can be agressive in defending its territory against other groups.

In the main table, blue guenons are listed separately from other guenons because they are larger than other widely distributed guenons. Some failry localized species also reach a larger size, such as the Diana guenon, so blue guenon stats can be used for any of these larger species.

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