Gear: Lancers


The Zox Hierate's primary direct fire technology is the filament disruptor, often called a lancer. This emits a beam similar to the "blade" of a disruptor blade, with a high intensity core surrounded by a significantly weaker halo field that falls off with radius from the core. The beam is self-focusing and highly penetrating.

Lancer fire appears as intense glowing filaments flashing suddently from the gun's aperture to the point of impact, accompanied by a brief chirping screech. The ionization leaves behind the pungent scent of ozone. Near misses can be felt as a tingling, almost akin to an electrical shock. As with any disruptor-type affector, the filament rips apart solid matter it encounters. They lose their AP score against deflectors, energized armor, and deflector-supported matter.

    Cultural difficulties: Many Mants living in the Verge Republic or Gummi Space, particularly those who still follow Tzachiism, are offended when non-Mants (and sometimes even non-believing Mants) use designs taken from the Sacred Library. They see this as cultural appropriation, an illegitimate theft of their culture, an insult to the sanctity of the Library, and an affront to their religion. Even worse is if a Library design is ever altered or modified – giving it a grip to make it fit comfortably in the hand of a Human, for example. This is blasphemy of the highest order, and likely to result in an extreme reaction.

    Within the Zox Hierate, violators of this norm face even more severe punishments. Imprisonment, torture, or death are the likely consequences. Of course, since the Hierate is likely to do this anyway to any outsiders it is not a significant deterrent.

    It should be noted that this view is not universal among the Republic's Mant population. Many are happy to share their technology – after all, the Humans are sharing Human tech with them, there's no reason they shouldn't return the favor. These differences in attitudes can lead to conflicts within the Republic's Mant community.

    It is also worth noting that Humans tend to think this is absolute bollocks, and that technology is to be universally shared for the benefit of all.

Small Lancer Pistol12-2¼-6s1000-1+1-4180+40.45|0.02525|0.5
Lancer Pistol16-1½-6s1000+0+2-1250+50.8|0.0550|1
Large Lancer Pistol18-1¼-6s1000+2+0250+61.2|0.0770|1.5
Auto Lancer Pistol16-1½-6s,101000+2+0250+51.5|0.05100|1
Assault Lancer20-1-6105000+3½+4-1300+63.5|0.5180|10
Infantry Lancer30+0-6s1000+3½+4+0450+85|0.3300|6
Strike Lancer40+1-61400+4½+5+2600+910|0.3600|6
Anti-Materiel Lancer50+1½-61400+5+5+4700+1020|0.61.2k|12
Battlesuit Lancer75+2¾-61400+6+4+81.2k+1260|23.5k|40
Support Lancer30+0-6105000+4½+5+2450+810+1.5600|30
Heavy Support Lancer50+1½-685000+5½+5+6700+1040+72.5k|150
Light Lancer Cannon60+2-6105000+7+5+8800+1180+124.5k|250
Lancer Cannon200+6-61400+9½+5+163k+161.2k+4070k|800

  • Micro-Lancer: A small lancer that easily fits in a Mant's hand. Without sights, it is not very easy to aim but is simple to hide or conceal.
  • Lancer Pistol: Blasers with pistol-like configurations are common among Zox officials who need firepower but don't expect to be caught up in front-line fighting.
  • Auto Lancer Pistol: A bulky lancer pistol capable of autofire.
  • Assault Lancer: A rapid-fire lancer longarm.
  • Infantry Lancer: The basic weapon of the Imperial Army.
  • Strike Lancer: A heavy hitting longarm for long-range shots.
  • Anti-Materiel Lancer: A weapon that strains the definition of "Mant protable", used for destroying equipment such as vehicles.
  • Battlesuit Lancer: A lancer weapon used on Zox battlesuits.
  • Support Lancer: A weapon filling the machine gun role.
  • Light Lancer Cannon: An automatic cannon for light armored vehicles.
  • Lancer Cannon: A cannon used on heavy fighting vehicles or for direct-fire artillery.

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