Gear: Disruptors
Disruptors often have high armor piercing scores. This does not mean that when they pass through armor or a barrier that they necessarily put a hole in it. The oscillating affector fields stretch and squish the matter they pass through, but if the matter is strong it will only stretch or squish elastically, so that when the disruptor pulse passes the relaxing material returns the energy that was originally put into it. It is when the material is too weak to withstand the stresses imposed by the disruptor pulse that it undergoes permanent changes – lasting deformation, tears, or fracture – and significant energy is lost. In this way a disruptor pulse can pass through strong armor without harming it much and then smash up the squishy organic bits on the inside. Some energy is also always lost to exciting elastic waves in the material, so eventually thick enough strong material will dissipate a disruptor pulse.


A disruptor is a short-ranged and brutal weapon. It emits a localized pulse of affector fields that maintains its shape as it propagates through space. The pulse propagates at velocities low enough that the Speed attribute of the weapon becomes important, and it will lose energy over time due to interactions with the atmosphere (giving it a DA range).

A disruptor appears as a fast-moving visible distortion when fired in an atmosphere. It makes a high-pitched screaming noise, and due to its finite speed the Doppler effect can make it change in pitch as it shrieks past. It leaves behind the scent of ozone, and near misses make your skin zing and prickle like an electric shock. Matter in its path is violently stretched and distorted. Rigid materials will shatter, plastic materials will be warped and deformed. Against living tissue, the pulse causes bruises, shattered bones, and ruptured skin, tissue, vessels, and organs, leaving tissue in the affected zone smashed, crushed, and pulped.

Disruptors are notably effective at battering down deflector screens compared to projectiles, due to the high overall damage. However, they do lose their AP score against deflectors and energized armor in the same way as any other disruptor field based weapon. Their damage output is high enough that they often cause significant blunt trauma even through rigid torso armor, however, because their fields act transversely to the direction of motion rather than imparting direct momentum, the blunt trauma Wound caused after all other effects are taken into account is reduced by the AP score.

Storm Disruptor

Gummi-Tech Disruptors

Disruptors are commonly used by the Gummis and their entrainments. In the Gummi-Squirm war, disruptors were useful for their ability to rapidly batter down Squirm deflector screens. They are hard-hitting enough that they can frequently get one-hit stops against unprotected life forms that are otherwise highly damage resistant, such as the Gummiland colonial life forms and Squirm mobiles.

While the weapons listed here are typical for their species, they can generally be re-housed in different exterior furniture for use by other speices – for example putting the functional hardware normally mounted in a Gummi holding pod into a pistol grip shaped for Pirang hands.

Gummi personal disruptors

These weapons are built for gummis, with shapes adapted to be ergonomic for their amorphous and flexible form and multiple eyes in adpatable locations. They fill a similar role to sidearms and longarms for Humans. Smaller Gummi disruptors are usually carried inside their bodies until they are ready for use.

Mini-Holding Disr.4.5+3¾-7s1000+1-25060+50.7|0.0540|1
Holding Disruptor5+4-7s1000+0+2-16060+61|0.0760|1.5
Hvy. Holding Disr.6.5+5-7s1000+1+2+17070+72|0.15120|3
Auto Disruptor7+5¼-7s,95000+3½+4+08070+75|0.8250|18
Infantry Disruptor9+6-7s1000+3½+4+010080+85|0.35250|7
Storm Disruptor12+7-71400+4+5+2120100+98|0.35500|7

  • Mini-Holding Disruptor: A small disruptor used by Gummis for discrete self defense.
  • Holding Disruptor: A self-defense dirruptor often carried by Gummis who feel the need for some protection.
  • Heavy Holding Disruptor: A larger version of a holding disruptor, for greater hitting power.
  • Auto Disruptor: A rapid fire longarm, built as a holding pod for Gummis.
  • Infantry Disruptor: The primary arm of the infantry from Gummi space. This variety is also commonly used by civilians for hunting and self-defense.
  • Storm Disruptor: A powerful disruptor for battering down deflector screens.

Pirang personal disruptors

Pirangs find pistol and rifle style layouts ergonomic, much like Humans (although there are enough differences that Humans using a weapon made for a Pirang suffers the usual inter-species penalty). Since Pirang tend to be larger than other sapient species in the Verge, their weapons tend to be larger.

Disruptor Pistol6.5+5-7s1000+1+2+17070+72|0.15120|3
Magnum Disr. Pistol7.5+5¾-7s1000+1½+2+38070+73.5|0.25200|5
Battle Disruptor10+6½-7s1000+4+4+110080+87|0.5400|10
Assault Disruptor8+6-7s,101000+4+4+110080+88|0.3500|6
Strike Disruptor14+7¼-71400+4½+5+2150100+1012|0.5700|10

  • Disruptor Pistol: A sidearm used by Pirang, similar in configuration to the pistols used by Humans.
  • Magnum Disruptor Pistol: A larger version of the disruptor pistol.
  • Battle Disruptor: A civilian weapon often found in Gummi space, commonly used in warfare when heavy-hitting single shots are more important than rapid fire.
  • Assault Disruptor: A rapid-fire dirsuptor longarm, commonly used by Pirang mobile units.
  • Strike Disruptor: A large disruptor for taking out large, dangerous targets or for rapidly smashing enemy deflector screens.

Tweechi personal disruptors

The small size and unusual anatomy of Tweechis results in their using a unique set of weapons. Small disruptors are usually held in their palp mouth-parts; larger weapons are held in their rear grippers.

Palp-grip Disruptor3+2¾-7s1000-1½+2-63545+30.2|0.01512|0.3
Face-Mount Disruptor5+4-7s1000+2+3-56060+61|0.0760|1.5
Disruptor Spear6.5+5-7s1000+3½+4-37070+72|0.15120|3
Disruptor Lance8+6-71400+3½+4-210080+83|0.12150|2.5

  • Palp-grip Disruptor: A small disruptor designed to be fired using only one of a Tweechi's head palps.
  • Face-Mount Disruptor: A longarm held in both palps to a Tweechi's face for aiming and firing.
  • Disruptor Spear: A longarm held in a Tweechi's grippers, in the fashion of one of their traditional drop-spears or lances.
  • Disruptor Lance: A lance-shaped longarm held by a tweechi's grippers, providing heavy hitting firepower for such small creatures.

Heavy disruptors of Gummi space

The Gummis have a variety of disruptors that fill the special purpose, vehicular, or crew-served weapons roles.

Anti-Materiel Disr.16+7¾-71400+5+5+4180100+1120|0.81.2k|18
Support Disruptor10+6½-7105000+4½+5+310080+815+2.5800|50
Heavy Support Disr.14+7½-785000+5½+5+5150100+1035+72k|150
X-Heavy Support Disr.16+8-7105000+7+5+8180100+1170+124k|250
Light Disr. Cannon20+8½-71400+6½+5+7250120+1245|22.5k|40
Medium Disr. Cannon35+10-71400+8+5+11400150+14200+812k|180
Heavy Disr. Cannon55+11½-71400+9½+5+16600200+161k+4050k|800

  • Anti-Materiel Disruptor: A disruptor for destroying light vehicles and equipment.
  • Support Disruptor: Fills the machinegun roll for Gummi Space military forces. Support disruptors are usually fired from a bipod, tripod, or pintle mount; or are mounted on turrets or robot arms of vehicles.
  • Disruptor Cannon: A disruptor used by armored hover pods.

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