Gear: Disintegrators


Disintegrators emit a ray-pulse of rapidly vibrating disruptor fields, focusing on their target to a spot size of typically many centimeters in diameter. The fields break up solid matter into tiny pieces; where the field intersects matter it turns rigid materials into dust and softer objects into goo. The violence of this process often aerosolizes the disintegrated remains, shooting the debris out in the form of clouds. Disintegrator beams appear as faint diffuse glowing streaks, flashing instantly from the gun to its point of incidence, and produce a brief high-pitched screaming chirp accompanied by the smell of ozone. Near misses make the nerves prickle and tingle.

The disintegrator ray loses focus over distance, spreading out the farther it is from its source. The loss of focus with distance gives -2 RS to Pen and +1 to Wound for every range band beyond the range score given by the Focus score. AP does not change with distance.

As with any disruptor fields, disintegrators lose their AP score against deflector screens and energized armor.

Disintegrators do not cause blunt trauma through armor.

Squirm-tech Disintegrators

Disintegrators are the weapons preferred by the Squirm. They use them in most direct-fire roles, and archival footage of their flickering violet beams are infamous throughout the Verge.

The disintegrators the Squirm use are classified based on model types, roughly ordered by when the model was found. They all appear to be either cannons or longarms of some kind, but since Squirm come in many different sizes their personal weapons range in size from a Human's pistol to a light cannon.

Type 9A "Infiltrator"6+2¼-9s,101000+1½+4+0-6+11+50.7|0.05
Type 9 "Infiltrator"7+2½-9s,101000+2+4+0-5+11+61|0.07
Type 4 "Blitzer"7.5+3-9305000+3+4+0-2+13+63.5|0.5
Type 1A "Ravager"9+3½-9s,101000+3+4+0-3+13+72.5|0.15
Type 1B "Ravager"10+3¾-9s,101000+3½+4+0-1+15+74|0.2
Type 1 "Ravager"11+4-9s,101000+3½+4+0+0+15+85|0.3
Type 3 "Devastator"14+4½-9s400+4+4+0+1+17+87|0.2
Type 3B "Devastator"18+5¾-9s400+4½+4+0+3+18+1015|0.6
Type 3A "Devastator"28+7¼-9s400+5½+4+0+6+19+1235|2
Type 2 "Populator"11+4-9405000+4½+4+0+2+15+810+1.5
Type 7 "Reaver"18+5¾-9255000+5½+4+0+5+18+1035+7
Type 8 "Pulverizer"22+6½-9305000+7+4+0+9+20+11100+12
Type 10 "Annihilator"22+6½-9605000+8+4+0+11+22+11250+12
Type 6 "Monster"75+10-93400+9½+4+0+16+26+161k+40

  • Type 9 "Infiltrator": A small weapon for small Squirm, primarily used by infiltrator units. The same basic design seems to be manufactured in different sizes.
  • Type 4 "Blitzer": A high rate of fire disintegrator, used in a similar fashion to a SMG or assault rifle.
  • Type 1 "Ravager": This seems to be the standard infantry weapon of the Squirm. It comes in several sizes, larger ones for front-line troops, others for lighter units or support personnel.
  • Type 3 "Devastator": A heavy hitting light cannon model. The same basic design comes in several different sizes. Larger Squirm shock units often carry these as their primary armament, but the Type 3 is also used on light armored vehicles.
  • Type 2 "Populator": This model seems to fill a machine gun roll, laying down suppressive fire to allow infantry to maneuver for a superior tactical position or denying areas covered by the weapon to the enermy.
  • Type 7 "Reaver": A heavy machine gun style weapon, often mounted on fighting vehicles filling the gunship or troop transport roll.
  • Type 8 "Pulverizer": A disintegrator cannon for light armored vehicles.
  • Type 10 "Annihilator": This rapid fire cannon is used as an anti-aircraft and point defense weapon. It is usually mounted on a vehicle but may also be placed in stationary turrets for defending a compound. Occasionally it is used to devastating effect to clear buildings or massacre groups of civilians.
  • Type 6 "Monster": A heavy cannon used on the Squirm equivalent of tanks.

Gummi-tech Disintegrators

In the Gummi-Squirm War, the Gummis and their allies soon discovered that they needed weapons that were longer-ranged than their disruptors. They soon reverse-engineered the mechanisms of disintegrators, and applied that to build their own weapons. Gummis' eyesight is poor enough that the extra range rarely helps them, but their Tweechi and Pirang followers can make effective use of the longer range and quickly developed tactics that came to cost the Squirm dearly. Gummi-tech disintegrators are not as rapid-fire as those of the Squirm, but are capable of holding tight focus at longer range.

Scout Beamer16+4-7s400+4+5+0+1+21+97|0.35400|7
Sniper Beamer18+4½-71400+4½+5+0+2+23+1010|0.5600|10
Heavy Beamer22+5½-71400+5+5+0+4+23+1118|11k|20
Light Beamer Cannon32+6½-71400+6+5+0+7+26+1350|33k|60
Med. Beamer Cannon50+7¾-71400+7½+5+0+12+29+15250|1215k|250
Hvy. Beamer Cannon75+9-71400+9½+5+0+17+32+161.5k|4080k|800

  • Stinger: So called because it is gripped by a Tweechi's rear grippers when aimed and fired, stingers are used to arm Tweechi scouts and airborn harassment units.
  • Scout Beamer: Fast moving and perceptive, Pirang can serve as a sort of mobile light "cavalry" even when on foot. These scouts and raiders are commonly armed with this weapon.
  • Sniper Beamer: The Pirang have good eyesight and make excellent shots with a bit of training. This is a weapon that would be used by a Pirang sniper.
  • Heavy Beamer: A weapon normally fired from a tripod mount, light vehicles, or power armor.
  • Beamer Cannon: A cannon for armored vehicles.

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