Gear: Nerve Disruptors

Nerve Disruptors

Nerve disruptors, or d-stunners, use a disruptor beam tuned to maximize its effects on the nervous system without causing significant physical damage. They project a focused beam that feels like an electrical jolt. Although they have a listed Penetration value and Wound score, they do not cause actual injury to material beings or objects. Contact with the beam will cause neural stun with the a Dose of the figured Injury Score. Like all disruptors, they lose their AP score against deflector screens but the stun "injury" they cause does count toward knocking the screen down.

Nerve disruptor's beams are invisible, although the aperture of the gun does glow brightly. They produce a high pitched whine.

Palp-grip D-Stunner4-2-7s,101000-2+2+0-7+3+20.18|0.00410|0.08
Holding D-Stunner7-7s,101000+0+2+0-1+8+51|0.0260|0.4
D-Stun Pistol9+0-7s,101000+2+0+1+9+61.8|0.04100|0.8
D-Stun Carbine10-7s,101000+3+5+0-2+11+63|0.06180|1.2
Heavy D-Stunner12+1-7s,101000+3½+5+0+0+11+75|0.1300|2
Mount D-Stunner12+1-7s,301000+4½+5+0+2+11+710|0.1600|2

  • Palp-grip D-Stunner: A Tweechi-sized stunner sidearm.
  • Agonizer: The usual less-lethal method of capture for security forces of the Zox Hierate. They are commonly also used as methods of torture. Agonizers are built small so they can easily be concealed by undercover operatives – if heavier firepower is needed, the security agent usualy just uses lethal force.
  • Holding D-Stunner: A stunner housed in a holding pod, commonly used by Gummis for non-lethal self defense or take-down.
  • D-Stun Pistol: A large pistol designed for a Pirang's hands.
  • D-Stun Carbine: A longarm-style D-stunner used when more knock-down power is needed. It made in Pirang and Gummi configurations.
  • Heavy D-Stunner: A larger version of the D-Stun carbine, often used for dealing with large and unruly animals.
  • Mount D-Stunner: A heavy D-stunner intended to be fired from a tripod or pintle mount, used for crowd control.

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