Afflictions and Poisons

You have a modifier to resist any Affliction or resistable attack that does not have the Area Effect, Cone, or Size (see below) enhancement equal to your SM×3. If you are rolling to resist at your attribute+10 or more, the Affliction or attack cannot possibly affect you, even on a critical failure.

You get a modifier of your SM×3 to resist any standard "dose" of poison. This does not apply to breathing poison gas or to contact poisons that cover your body. The larger you are, the more you will eat, so if you are eating a food that is poisonous you will consume multiple doses if you are larger, or a fraction of a dose if you are smaller. This exactly cancels out - if you eat your fill of poisonous food, you have no modifier to resist the poison. If you are affected by multiple or fractional doses, consult the following table for the penalty or bonus to your resistance roll:
For greater or lesser amounts of poison, every ×10 gives -6 to the resistance, and every × 1/10 gives +6 to the resistance.

By default, you roll only once to resist multiple afflictions of the same type you take in one turn as if you had taken multiple doses; but once the affliction takes affect, you ignore the modifier for the number of doses to recover. If, for example, you were hit by 5 HT-2 afflictions, you would roll at HT-6 to avoid the affliction. When rolling to see if the affliction wears off, however, you would roll vs HT-2.

The amount of damage delivered by resistable attacks and poisons does not change with the dose. Multiple doses taking effect on the same cycle only change the HT roll to resist. However, failure to resist by 6 or more inflicts another damage roll that cycle. Failure by 9 means the victim takes three damage rolls, failure by 12 inflicts four damage rolls. Every additional 6 points of failure doubles the number of damage rolls that cycle.

Some afflictions and resistable attacks may affect everyone below a certain size equally. Characters subject to these afflictions or attacks take no penalty to their resistance roll for their size. Characters larger than the "Size" of the affliction get a bonus to resist equal to 3×the difference between their SM and that of the affliction. This is a modifier on the Affliction or attack worth -5% plus 5%× the size of the affliction.

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