Laser Heat Rays

Laser heat rays emit continuous beams of light, that must be held on target for long enough to disable it. Typically, the beam will need to dwell on hard targets for several seconds in order to burn through armor. Heat rays cause burning (not tight beam burning) damage.

Heat ray lasers are experimental in early TL 8, and are fielded on warships and as area defense stations against mortars, rockets, artillery, drones, and aircraft in late TL 8. They continue in use into TL 9, until they are superceeded by high energy lasers.

TL 8, beam color 1 micron

TL Weapon Type Damage Acc Range Mass (kg) ROF Shots Min ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
8Point Defense Laserburn+4.5 2.5 21+5 15 km/- 2000/40 10 10000 163M -10 1 1.2 M 1

     Point Defense Laser: A laser commonly found on board naval vessels and military trucks. It is designed to burn rockets, shells, missiles, and drones out of the sky. It also works well for disabling small watercraft. This laser is powered by a Diesel generator. The beam is directed by a turreted beam pointer telescope, which can turn separately from the main laser generator and power supply. Skill: Gunner (Beams). Aperture 40 cm. Depth of focus multiplier 0.08. Beam power 90 kW. Energy used per shot 40 kJ. Complete Diesel refueling 40 kg, $40.
Heat ray beam pointer directing laser light onto a target.

Custom Heat Ray Laser Weapon

Custom Heat Ray Laser Weapon
Damage: d +
or d ×
Energy Source: TL: Internal Magazine
Aperture (cm):
Beam Color:
beamer - a weapon without stock or pistol grip, like a flashlight or cutting tool.
pistol - a weapon with a pistol grip but without a stock.
rifle - a weapon with shoulder stock and grip.
cannon - a weapon designed to be fired from a tripod, turret, or weapon mount.
pointer - a weapon where the beam is directed through an external turreted beam pointer telescope.

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