Gyroc Weapon Table

Gyrocs fire small, spin-stabilized rockets. The rockets take time to accelerate, divide damage by 3 at 1 to 2 meters, by 2 at 3 to 10 meters. Gyroc fire is quite visible - the flare of the rocket makes a bright streak out to 10 meters, and a 10 meter long cloud of smoke is left behind. This pinpoints the location of the firer to any hostile forces.

Because there is nothing to guide the rocket during its boost phase (the first 10 meters after launch), an unguided gyroc would be wildly inaccurate. To compensate, at the moment of firing, a gryoc weapon projects a laser dot on whatever it is aimed at. The gyroc homes in on this laser dot over the course of its boost phase. After it has finished boosting, its guidance switches off and the rocket becomes a normal, unpowered, unguided ballistic projectile. Anything that would normally block the aiming laser makes hitting mostly a matter of chance at ranges of 10 meters or more, treat the rocket as a "multiple projectile attack" with only one projectile and a spread of 10.

Ammunition cost is $100 times its weight in kg.

TL Weapon Type Damage Acc Range Weight ROF Shots Min ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
9 Gyroc Pistol, 15 mm pi+4 6d 1 400/1600 0.7/0.4 3 10(3) 9 -2 1 $200 3 [1,2]
low velocity cr 1d/2 150/250
9 Gyroc Carbine, 19 mm pi+5 7d+2 4 1000/4000 3.5/1.6 3 20(3) 10 -4 1 $500 3 [1,2]
low velocity cr (1d+1)/2 200/250

[1] Includes "smartgun" electronics.
[2] Divide damage by 3 at 1 to 2 meters, divide damage by 2 at 3 to 10 meters.

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