Gamma Beamer Weapons

Gamma beamers, or γ-beams, emit a focused beam of amplified gamma rays. A gamma ray will pass through a considerable distance of matter before interacting. When the gamma rays do interact, they will cause local heating and scatter gamma rays out of the beam to irradiate surrounding material.

Gamma beamers are focused beams that are both lasers (although not near-visible lasers) and penetrating radiation beams that lose energy only via discrete processes. Use the rules for both lasers and radiation beams. Radiation damage is 50 × the basic damage delivered (or damage absorbed, for barriers or other intervening objects) times the wounding multiple for double the damage type size.

TL Weapon Type Damage Acc Range Mass (kg) ROF Shots Min ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
12Light γ-Beam CannonBeam+1 10⊗ (∞) 18+5 7000000 km/30000000 km/400000000 km/- 12/0.2 10 1000 13M -8 1 15 k 1
12Medium γ-Beam CannonBeam+2 10⊗ (∞) 18+5 18000000 km/70000000 km/1000000000 km/- 35/0.5 10 1000 22M -10 1 40 k 1
12Heavy γ-Beam CannonBeam+10 10⊗ (∞) 18+5 500000000 km/2000000000 km/35000000000 km/- 4000/90 4 400 233M -10 1 5 M 1

     Light γ-Beam Cannon: A beamer cannon used against light vehicles. Skill: Gunner (Beams). Aperture 12 cm. Depth of focus multiplier 0.4. Beam energy 4 kJ. Energy used per shot 4 kJ. Extra power cell 0.2 kg, $11.
     Medium γ-Beam Cannon: A rapid-fire vehicular beamer cannon. Skill: Gunner (Beams). Aperture 20 cm. Depth of focus multiplier 0.35. Beam energy 9 kJ. Energy used per shot 9 kJ. Extra power cell 0.5 kg, $25.
     Heavy γ-Beam Cannon: A large vehicle mounted beamer cannon. Skill: Gunner (Beams). Aperture 30 cm. Depth of focus multiplier 5. Beam energy 4000 kJ. Energy used per shot 4000 kJ. Extra power cell 90 kg, $4000.

Custom γ-Beamer weapon
Damage Size: Beam
Energy Source: TL: Internal Magazine
Aperture (cm): (Optional. If chosen, range only applies in vacuum or trace atmospheres. For range in other atmospheres, re-calculate with Aperture = 0.)
beamer - a weapon without stock or pistol grip, like a flashlight or cutting tool.
pistol - a weapon with a pistol grip but without a stock.
rifle - a weapon with shoulder stock and grip.
cannon - a weapon designed to be fired from a tripod, turret, or weapon mount.

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