Window Washing Robot


ST 4      DX 8      HT 12     

Computer Complexity 2
Basic Lift 1.6 kg      HP 4     

Bulk 3      Weight 2 kg      SM -3

Basic Speed 5     
Basic Move 2
Climb Move: 1



Advantages: Clinging; Doesn't Breathe; Extra Legs (4 legs); Machine Meta-Trait; Pressure Support 1; Scanning Sense (Radar; Reduced range 1/1000 (2 m)); Sealed; Telecommunication (Radio; Video); Telecommunication (Laser; Video); Perk (Accessories; window washer)

Disadvantages: Cannot Speak; Deafness; Electrical; No Fine Manipulators; No Sense of Taste/Smell; Restricted Diet (Electricity); Social Stigma (Valuable Property); Weak Bite (No Bite)

Description: This small robot roams the sides of walls, searching for windows to clean.

It does not need more than an IQ 1 Class 0 AI. The default AI can make a mental map of the area, so it knows what has been cleaned recently and the locations of the recharging stations.

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