Janitorial Robot


ST 12      DX 9      HT 12     

Computer Complexity 6
Basic Lift 14.4 kg      HP 12     

Bulk 10      Weight 50 kg      SM 0

Basic Speed 5.25     
Basic Move 5
Land Move: 5 (6 sprint)
Road Move: 5 (10 top speed)

Punch1d/2+1{5} cr0


Advantages: Ambidexterity; Blunt Claws; Doesn't Breathe; Enhanced Move 1 (Road Bound); Hyperspectral Vision; Machine Meta-Trait; Pressure Support 1; Telecommunication (Radio; Video); Telecommunication (Infrared; Video); Perk (Accessories, vacuum, mop, duster, broom, dustpan, garbage can, scrubber, spray cleaner)

Disadvantages: Electrical; Maintenance (1 person, monthly); No Legs (Wheeled); No Sense of Taste/Smell; Restricted Diet (Electricity); Social Stigma (Valuable Property); Weak Bite (No Bite)

Description: This robot janitor cleans up after hours, picking up trash, dusting, vacuuming, and otherwise tidying up. It does not have the capability to perform repairs beyond the level of changing lightbulbs, but is usually programmed to note where things are damaged or malfunctioning and let the central coordinating computer know.

The robot runs off of rechargable batteries. One charge is good for roughly eight hours of operation. It can recharge from any standard electrical outlet.

A typical AI for this robot is an IQ 7, Per 10, Will 10 class 1 program with one 20 point modular slot and the Professional Skill (janitor) - 12 program.

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