Dumptruck Robot


ST 68      DX 8      HT 12     

Computer Complexity 5(×1.5)
Basic Lift 462.4 kg      HP 68     

Bulk 49      Weight 6500 kg      SM 4

Basic Speed 5     
Basic Move 5
Land Move: 5 (6 sprint)
Road Move: 5 (30 top speed)



Advantages: Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Combustion); Enhanced Move 6 (Road Bound); Hyperspectral Vision; Machine Meta-Trait; Payload 100 (15 cubic meters, 45 tons; Exposed); Pressure Support 1; Telecommunication (Radio; Video); Telecommunication (Infrared; Video)

Disadvantages: Electrical; Maintenance (1 person, monthly); No Fine Manipulators; No Legs (Wheeled); No Sense of Taste/Smell; Restricted Diet (Hydrogen); Social Stigma (Valuable Property); Weak Bite (No Bite)

Description: This is a robotic dumptruck. It can carry well over 45 tons in its bed, but only the first 45 tons do not count toward encumbrance. It will typically run an IQ 6, Per 10, Will 10 Class 1 AI, with one 16 point modular slot.

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