Vibration Sense

Physical, Exotic

You can define your vibration sense as based on Hearing. This is a +0% enhancement. In this case, levels of Acute Hearing add to your roll to detect foes and other moving, noise-making objects; but not to locate passages or keep from bumping into a wall. It also allows you to precisely locate anything you can hear well enough to attack it. However, you cannot detect anyone who beats you with an opposed roll of his Stealth vs. your Hearing. Also, passive, immobile, completely silent objects are at -4 to detect (based on analysis of ambient sound and reflected echoes - in completely silent environments where you are not making any sound yourself the GM may rule that you cannot detect these objects at all). This is appropriate for animals such as cats, foxes, or owls that can hunt by hearing alone.

You can also take Vibration Sense that operates through the ground instead of through air or water. You get your sense roll to feel the tremmors of anything walking or moving over or in the ground, but cannot detect anyone above the ground. The Cannot Detect Immobile Objects -30% limitation is usual, but not required.

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